About Me

I’m a Director of Photography based in Vancouver BC Canada with over 40 years experience in the local film industry.

I remember growing up watching Doctor Zhivago at the drive in from the back of the station wagon, it ignited my passion for the film industry. Having been a rental house manager, generator operator, gaffer to a Director of Photography was a phenomenal career arc. After working with a long list of world class talented DP’s, it has inspired me every day in the field. Each one of them was a learning experience that showed me the ups and downs, most importantly, knowing how to deal with people and treat them properly.  Because of my background, I believe the key to a good-looking show is the lighting. You can set the mood and tell a story all with the way you approach the light.   “It’s all about lighting” is what I’m putting on a t-shirt.


To find me

    Please feel free to reach out to me for any project, questions or feedback. Comment on projects from my past! Thanks for looking.


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